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Church Music Program

It is so easy to take our Music Program for granted, so please tell our Music Directors (Monte and Carol Shuck), the Organist/Pianist, and the Choir members a special ‘Thank You’ if you enjoy their work.

The church’s members and friends are in-vited to join the choir, first and foremost, because they love to sing. The goal is not to be a performance, but to add to the worship service. Our pastor is very involved in helping to select hymns that will add to the message.

Jeanette West has been a faithful pianist/organist for our congregation, and she chose to become a member of this church when she became our full time player in 2011. She plans the music during the prelude, offertory, and postlude.

It is an inspiration to watch our music program partici-pate in our services with joy, love, and fun. God has truly blessed us with this program!