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 A Brief History of the

Presbyterian Church of Salado

The Presbyterian Church of Salado was initiated by the Rev. Billy P. Smith, Th. D., and his wife, LaGreta Reed.   The first worship service held on March 10, 1996, in Allen Meeting Hall was attended by 8 people.  Shortly thereafter, a steering committee met to organize a mission church and to name Rev. Billy P. Smith as pastor.  At that time, the fellowship had 11 members representing 6 families.

On March 15, 1997, Grace Presbytery voted to charter the Presbyterian Church of Salado.  The service of organization and commission was held on October 5, 1997 with a charter membership of 32.  The Rev. Marilyn Wedell-Legge became the pastor in November 1998.

Prompted by continued growth and the need for educational and program facilities the congregation expressed the desire to move to a larger space.  In 1998, the session began the search for a new church site.  When the present location became available, representatives from Grace Presbytery examined the property, expressed support for the purchase, and pledged financial help.  The congregation voted unanimously to purchase the property that consists of 2 ½ acres and a 6,800 square foot building.

 Using cash reserves, generous special gifts, and much “sweat equity” on the part of the members, the new church home was completed and dedicated on February 11, 2001.  The location provides room for future growth and gives the congregation an identity in Salado and a home from which to witness its faith and minister to the needs of our community.

Several Presbyterian pastors served our congregation by contract and with the approval of Grace Presbytery in the years 2001-2004. In January, 2005, the Reverend Carl V. Thompson, Jr. became our stated supply pastor and has been with us ever since.

Since Reverend Thompson became the pastor of our church in 2005, we have achieved several milestones. Our membership has grown, but more importantly we welcome everyone into our fellowship for one time or for a lifetime. Carl has brought us the faithful witness of Jesus Christ as head of the church, and he has given us the stability needed to govern our church order, or polity. 

We have Sunday worship services at 10 am, Sunday school for adults and childcare available during worship, Men's Prayer Breakfast and Game Day on Tuesday mornings, plus special events, such as New Year’s Eve and Maundy Thursday services, and Vacation Bible School in some summer's.

Our finances have been greatly supported by generous yearly pledges and individual gifts. The church has a beautiful sanctuary with stained glass, comfortable seating, and a new Johannes organ from the Netherlands.

Outside, we have a garden of memories, a paved parking lot, and a new stone wall to replace the wood on the east side of the building. Inside, we have ample kitchen space, adult and children’s classrooms, a library, and a wonderful game room for relaxation, fellowship, and activities to please children, youth, and adults.

But these are things that will all disappear. The essence of our church is a Christian body of believers. We are grateful for our Presbyterian heritage and connectivity. Our congregation belongs to: the Grace Presbytery, headquartered in Dallas, Texas; the Presbyterian Synod of the Sun, Irving, Texas; and the Presbyterian General Assembly of North America, Witherspoon, Kentucky. Along with 173 other congregations in Grace Presbytery and hundreds nationwide, we wrestle with theological, social, and service issues of the day. The motto of the Presbyterian Church is “Reformed, always Reforming”, and that is aptly said.

Along with other Christian denominations, we practice two religious sacraments, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Baptism represents a serious commitment of parents to present their children to God in the presence of Christian believers. The entire congregation, along with the parents, commit themselves to nurturing infants and children in the Christian faith, with love, teaching, discipline, encouragement, and example. Adult baptism is given to those who wish to confess their faith and become members of the church, but were never previously baptized. The congregation responds with the commitment to welcome and nurture these new members.

The Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. This is not a ritual, but rather a sacrament that sets aside special time to remember Christ’s sacrifice of his life, so that we might live!  Carl calls us to confess our sins and repent of those actions that lead us away from our Christian faith, and to celebrate the certainty that God is always listening and ready to receive us back as His children.

Each Sunday, as we prepare to leave worship, Carl sends us out with a charge to serve the Master. He specifically calls us to respond to the sermon’s message, and then he gives the benediction: “Go out into the world in peace, rendering no one evil for evil; support the faint hearted; strengthen the weak; and serve the Lord in all that you say, and all that you do, and all that you are; and the blessings of God the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost, be and abide with you always. Amen”



Rev. Billy P. Smith, Th. D. - Organizing Pastor Rev. Marilyn Wedell-Legge - Parish Associate
Lorraine and Pamela Care James II and Miriam Ervi
Charicie Henke F.E. (Pete) and Ruth Howe
William (Bill) and Lilree Jackson Beverly and Ashley Jones
Pat Larremore Ted and Maxine Maxfield
Danney and Barclay McCort Jim and Virginia McCracken
Cindy and Colleen Mikel William (Bill) and Shirley Pinkston
Webster (Chine) and Joan Ray LaGreta Reed
Harold and Jean Teal Morris and Molly Todd
Stephen and Natalie Tolley Linda Walls