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Adult Sunday School - 9:00 am

The class will conclude the study of Mike Slaughter's Made for A Miracle on Palm Sunday, April 14. On Easter Sunday, April 21, we will begin the final series of lessons before our Summer Break. Join us as we study Jacob Armstrong's book, Renovate: Building A Life With God. 

Spring is the perfect time to renovate. A time to tackle all the projects you have put off all winter: fix the leaky faucet, paint the porch, weed the flower beds, trim the shrubs, and plant the garden. And what about your spiritual life? Does it need renovating too? If so, remember, that's not a do-it-yourself project. In our study we will see how Nehemiah led God's people to renew their relationship with God as they rebuilt the wall and gates to Jerusalem. Just like them, we need God's great power in us to renew our spiritual lives through the Holy Spirit. 

Please join us. Books are provided and coffee is available.