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Upcoming Events


Sunday Service - 10:00 am

Come join us for every Sunday for Service at 10:00am.

Communion is held each first Sunday of the month.

Child Care for children is available during service.

All are welcome!


Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School is at 9:00 AM each Sunday.  On Sept. 10, we will begin our study one of Adam Hamilton's newest books, Making Sense of the Bible: Rediscovering the Power of Scripture Today.

The lessons begin with foundational questions such as:

  • How and when was the Bible written?
  • Who decided which books made it into the Scriptures and why?

Then, the topics shift to questions of interpreting the Bible such as:

  • How literally should we read the Bible?
  • Why is God so violent in the Old Testament?
  • Is the Book of Revelations a guide to the end times?

Together we will study this book, watch the DVD lessons, and discuss the answers to these questions as well as many others relating to the Bible and its meaning.

I hope you will be present on Sunday mornings at 9:00 A.M., and add your thoughts and insights to our discussions.

Coffee will be served.


Tuesday Men's Prayer Breakfast 7:45 am

Each Tuesday the Church hosts a Men’s Prayer Breakfast.  The breakfast starts at about 7:30 AM with the prayers and study starting at 8:00.  We conclude by 9:00.  All men of the community are invited to attend this inter-faith session.

What’s it about:

¨ We raise up our friends, village, and nation in prayers

¨ We support and encourage each other as Christian Men

¨ We grow in our understanding of God

¨ We develop a closer relationship with God

¨ We strive to strengthen our individual churches

We start with a breakfast, take prayer requests, pray, and conduct a brief study from 8 to 9 at the Presbyterian Church.

"I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer."  1 Timothy 2:8


Wednesdays - Choir Practice - 5:30 PM

Choir practice begins its new season on Wednesday, Sept. 6.


Sept. 7 - Back to "Sunday School" Dinner

As a kickoff for the new adult Sunday School, we will have a dinner at the church on Thursday, Sept. 6.


Chair Yoga Continues

The Session has voted to approve a Chair Yoga Class to be held in our recreation room twice a week for a six-month period. 

“Benefits of chair yoga for seniors include a better sense of balance, stronger legs and increased self-esteem.  This brand of gentle yoga for seniors is performed in a chair for greater safety and relaxed exercise.”

- There is no charge for the class!

- Tuesday sessions will be from 1 to 2 p.m.

- Thursday sessions will be from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

- Only 15 can be accommodated in the class. 

- Tracey Davis is our Certified Instructor

Letta Meinen is coordinating.


September 24 - After Service Social

Our Social this month will be wholly planned and prepared by the men of the church.  You really need to attend in this special after Worship meal to see what the men create.  (It might be good).